Why hello there. I sat down to write this and immediately felt like Alice when the caterpillar asked her, “who are you?” How to I sum myself up? I suppose I should start with my name …

My name is Sarah and I’m a mid-twenties literature and creative writing graduate who adores stories. Stories come in many forms, from books and poetry, to graphic novels and video games, to movies and plays. The list is endless and I like to explore all of these forms. Here in this blog you will find honest reviews, thoughts and ramblings on books, pop culture, lifestyle, and whatever takes my fancy at the time. I read books from most genres across middle-grade, YA, and adult fiction depending on my mood πŸ™‚

Now sit back, grab a tea or coffee, and enjoy exploring my site!

~ Sarah ~


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  1. Sarah, I normally delete the ‘following you’ notification email after I send a thank you. Since yours is still there, I’m guessing I forgot. Let me extend my ‘thanks for following’ along with a huge hug. I’ve enjoyed your posts and love your sense of humor.

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