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Free Book Remorse?

Well hello there, long time no see!

Okay so I’ve been slack with this blog since I started my booktube channel (thank you to all who have subscribed by the way), and I think it’s time to rectify that. I’m loving making my videos and talking to you guys through my camera, but I also enjoy the fact that I can draft these blog posts in my pajamas and no makeup 😀 And yeah, I know I could totally film with no makeup or in my pajamas if I wanted to (fun fact, I actually wear my pajama pants in most videos as you can’t see them and they’re super comfy) but I choose not to coz you know, self consciousness. I’m also quite ill at the moment and am unable to film, and it occurs to me that this will not be a rare occurrence as I do have ongoing health issues. Blogging, as you can imagine, is much easier than filming when one is sick. For example, I am currently in my fluffy dressing gown, sipping hot chocolate, and watching Gilmore Girls in the background while I type this.

Anyway, I’m super excited to get back to blogging and I want to try to find a way to combine both my channel and my blog in a way that compliments each other, but isn’t disjointed or, let’s be honest, self-plugging and pointless. Hopefully this post is not one of those.

So last week I uploaded a video (attached below) where I shared with you guys a tonne of books that I recently acquired, six of which were completely free! One of my favourite book stores hold “Hurt Book Fridays” every so often where they set a table up with all of their damaged books. If you are a student or have a store loyalty card you are able to take three books from the table for free. The condition of the books vary, but overall they’re actually not that bad. Most of the ones we chose were missing a back cover though, which doesn’t bother me seeing as how I didn’t have to pay for them. I figure if I like the book enough and plan on re-reading it, I’ll purchase a new copy to replace the damaged one. My boyfriend and I went in together and picked three books each, leaving us with six free books.

Now here’s the strange thing. The day after I got those books, the afternoon after filming that video, I felt buyer’s remorse for those six books … the free ones … that I didn’t spend any money on … but I felt bad for “buying” them even though I didn’t actually buy them. They were mostly books that have been high on my TBR for quite a long time too and that I really wanted. I got books that I really wanted totally free …

Aren’t brains silly?


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