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Favourites | February 2017

Well we’ve come to the end of the month, and that means it’s time for my February favourites! These are some of the (mostly) non-bookish things that I’ve been enjoying recently. We’ll just go ahead and dive right in:

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Wine and Burgundy Colours

This past month or so I’ve been really enjoying things that are of a burgundy, purple/red, wine colour. This wasn’t an active decision on my part, but something I’ve just gravitated toward. I dyed my hair burgundy not too long ago and I suspect that’s where my fixation has come from. It’s faded to this awesome mix of purple and red and I just love it! I’ve been wearing wine coloured nail polish, dark red lipstick, and I recently bought several burgundy and wine coloured tops, including this super cute one from Forever New.

Kikki K Planner

Speaking of wine and burgundy colours! This isn’t a new purchase, but the university year has just started up again so I’ve been spending a lot of time setting up my planner again. I got this planner from Kikki K a few years ago (I don’t believe they make it anymore) and still love it. It was expensive, but well worth it in my opinion. It’s still in remarkable condition considering that I shove it into my backpack with other items, so it’s very well built. I’ve customised the interior over the years into the tabs and layouts I find useful. I use it to help me study, but also with my daily to dos and calendar. I’m a list-maker and cannot function without my planner to help me organise everything. Life seems a little less overwhelming to me when I’m able to order and organise it all.

Magnetic Bookmarks

I found these just the other day and thought they were adorable! I couldn’t resist! I’ve never used a magnetic bookmark before, but I love them and am using them for literally everything I can (including in my planner!). I got a few different colours (all of the same rhino) but the one above is my favourite. I enjoy the minimal look of the magnetic bookmark vs regular ones. The downside though is I’m not sure where to put it when I’m reading. I find it annoying to leave it on the page, but I feel it’s easy to lose due to its small size. Ah well, it’s cute. the Virgin Season 1

I’ve recently gotten into this show after having heard a lot about it. It’s so funny and completely ridiculous and over the top, but still well put together. It’s one of those shows that knows it’s crazy, and completely embraces and celebrates it. It’s about a young writer named Jane who has chosen to not have sex before marriage. After a medical mishap, Jane is accidentally artificially inseminated and winds up being a pregnant virgin, which leads to all sorts of implications as you can imagine. The show is just ridiculous, but it’s amazing. I laugh so much during it.

Pokemon Sun

I got this game when it was first released, but struggled to get into it at first. I enjoy Pokemon games, but I have to be in the mood for them. So I didn’t touch it for a while, but I’ve been enjoying it a lot again lately. I definitely don’t like it as much as Pokemon X and Y, but there are a lot of changes to the menus that I appreciate. I also found it much more challenging than the previous games, but it’s still pretty easy. I’ve almost completed the game without even being close to having my whole party wiped out. I wish Pokemon games had a difficulty setting to make them more challenging. Even though I like the trials, I did miss the traditional Pokemon gyms and badges. I also wasn’t a fan of most of the alternate Pokemon forms (except Vulpix and Marowack) in terms of their aesthetics. The concept was cool, but I thought most of them looked silly.

So those are just some of the various, non-book things I’ve been enjoying lately. Hopefully there was something in there you found interesting and/or want to check out. Stay tuned for my monthly wrap-up which will be posted in a few days, as well as some very overdue books hauls.

Sarah x





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