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Top 5 Wednesday | Book Trends You’re Tired Of

Welcome back bookworms to another Top 5 Wednesday. You can find everything about the T5W group here on goodreads. Today’s topic is an awesome one, Book Trends You’re Tired Of. Ya know, this one really got me thinking and I’m pretty happy with what I came up with. Plus ranting is always fun. So in no particular order:

1.) Smushing huge books into tiny paperbacks.

This gets on my nerves so much. When you have a book that is 500+ pages, pleeeeease publishers, stop condensing them into teeny tiny little editions. This one annoys me because I find them physically difficult to read. The font is often super small, the spine is too rigid and digs into my hand, and I can barely open the book at all, unless I want to crack the spine of course. The options (in Australia at least) are usually these tiny paperbacks, or the actual hardbacks which are expensive and weigh roughly the same as an elephant.

2.) Glossy covers

I don’t know why I don’t like glossy covers … but I really don’t, especially when they’re black and show every single fingerprint and mark ever. I just find them distracting, easy to smudge and scratch and not as nice as covers with a matte finish.

3.) Confusing love and lust

This one I mostly find to be an issue in YA and is sort of on the same lines as “instalove.” It’s basically where two characters know each other for five minutes and feel all sorts of lovely tingly sensations for each other, which is then portrayed to the readers as being “love,” when in reality, it’s lust or infatuation (which is totally normal!). I find it to be so unrealistic and potentially harmful to younger readers. It isn’t even that the characters themselves are confused by it, because that would be fine, it’s how it’s portrayed to us, the readers. Lust does not always = love. I’d rather the author just say that they’re experiencing lust. I’m pre-writing this post, but at the moment I’m reading a YA fantasy book (I won’t name it to avoid spoilers) and the main character has complete and total understanding that the attractiveness she’s feeling towards one man is lust, and not love. It’s so refreshing. She acknowledges that they barely know each other, but that there’s a chemical (aka lustful) bond between them, but that doesn’t mean that they’re in love, though that may come later. I want more of this in YA because I think it’s really important.

4.) Single male and single female characters always ends up together

This one I actually don’t mind when done well. After all, who doesn’t like a bit of romance or lust ;). What bothers me is when it’s forced purely because the two characters are single. There are so many series I feel the main couple ends up together because it’s convenient or expected, rather than natural. There doesn’t have to be romance in every single book! I’d rather no romance than something that’s forced. I’d also like to see more single, straight men and women being friends and nothing more, because that totally happens in real life, but not enough in books!

5.) Ridiculously difficult to pronounce names

Maybe this is just me not being the best at pronunciations, but it really bothers me when I don’t know how to say a name, so I end up just saying Fthbrthrlsajsdh or “that guy” in my head instead. I find this happens primarily in fantasy. Often the names will be styled after a certain era or place, like medieval england, scandinavian or latin or something. I like that it gives the book a unique feeling, but sometimes the names are overly complex. At least give them a nickname, or give me pronunciation guide! I actually love pronunciation guides. May we please take a second to appreciate them?

So that concludes another Top 5 Wednesday. I will see you guys shortly in my next post.


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