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Monthly TBR Goals | Discussion

Hey guys, so I thought I’d start up a bit of a discussion on something that is commonly seen in both book blogs and booktube: TBR lists! This is a slight ramble, but I’ve tried to keep it relatively short. I would love to hear any thoughts down in the comments below!

TBR stands for To Be Read and many content creators set themselves a monthly list of books they plan to read each month. I have to admit I’ve never set myself a monthly TBR. It was something I’d never  heard of before I joined the book blogging community, and it didn’t take long for me to decide that it wasn’t something I wanted to do. love watching/reading other people’s monthly TBRs and have huge respect for those who set them and follow them. But I’ve been adamant that the process isn’t right for me. I have to read a lot of books for university, and I find that as soon as I’m given a deadline to read a book, that book becomes ten times harder for me to read, even if I would otherwise be enjoying it. It sucks the fun out of it for me and the goal goes from being “enjoy reading the book” to “hurry up and finish the book already! Why aren’t you done!?!”

In saying that, I sort of accidentally made a TBR.

I’m going on a cruise in a week’s time and I’ve been thinking and planning about what I’m going to read while I’m away: a “Holiday TBR” of sorts (I will be writing a post about that shortly). I’m feeling super excited to read the books I’ve selected, and it’s taking a lot of self control to not just start reading them now! The process was challenging, but also one that enjoyed. I had to take into account luggage space, the weight of the books, trying to work out how much time I’ll actually want to spend reading (hello piano bar, jazz music, books and an espresso martini). Is this what it’s like making a monthly TBR!?!?! Coz I’d be down with that. This has made me reconsider my stance on setting TBRs for myself each month.

So I have some questions for you guys! Do you make monthly TBRs and stick with them? If you do, does it help your reading process? Is it something you find enjoyable? Or do you put pressure on yourself to complete them? I want to know all the things! Please feel free to leave any comments and/or new questions down below. I need answers folks! And maybe … just maybe … I’ll make myself a TBR for next month.


2 thoughts on “Monthly TBR Goals | Discussion

  1. Have fun on your cruise! I managed to read one book (Shantaram) during the whole time we were in India (admittedly, I bought it around 2 weeks into the trip). Despite having 4-5 weeks to get through it from the day I bought it to the last day of the trip, I struggled to finish it (it’s HUGE). I was literally scan-reading the last ten pages before our uber arrived to take us to the airport, so I could leave it behind at the hostel’s library. I was reading every time I was sick (several hours at least once a week), before I went to bed and whenever I was waiting for John to get ready (also probably several hours a week. haha). I’d be hesitant to set a goal to read more than one book on holiday as I wouldn’t want to limit the options for fun on holiday, but it’s good to have a range of books to read when you’re sick or just wanting something to read by a pool/beach etc. How long are you cruising for? I’m very envious!

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    1. We are gone for around 15 days, some of that time in Sydney 🙂 so excited! Yeah I’m not sure how much time I’ll end up reading 📖 we’ll see coz there are days where we don’t go ashore, but I’ll probably find something fun to do on the ship 🙂


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