Monthly Favourites & Hauls

Favourites | January 2017

Hey guys so I thought I’d try something new and give a quick update on the various bookish/geekish/fun stuff I’ve been enjoying this month. It’s always fun sharing the different things we enjoy, and hopefully we have some in common! I’ll go ahead an dive right in.

Science Fiction

I have been in a giant Sci Fi mood this month, which I think will be made apparent when you see the various books/movies/games I’ve been engaging with, as well as the monthly wrap-up. I think I have Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff to thank for this. I read it January 1st and have been in a Sci Fi mood since. There’s just something about futuristic worlds full of amazing, sometimes hazardous, technology that intrigues me.

Amazingly Complicated Dot-To-Dot

I’ve always lamented the fact that I’ve never gotten into the colouring fad. It’s not that I’m impatient, it’s that I prefer drawing over colouring (most of my art is colourless graphite). I was ecstatic then when my mum got me an awesome and complex Star Wars Dot-To-Dot book. This thing is great! I tend to get stressed pretty easily, and it’s been amazing having this close by for a much needed distraction. The pictures are difficult! The first one has 635 dots!

Jasmine Green Cocoa Tea

My parents got me this from the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie where they went during a camping/road trip. It’s green tea (my fave) blended with Australian cocoa shells. I have no idea if Aussie cocoa shells are different to other shells, but it certainly has a slight chocolate taste, without it being overly sweet or obvious. It’s so yummy! It’s a perfect accompaniment for when I’m working on the Dot-To-Dot!

I’ve been playing Recore on the Xbox 1, which is a Sci Fi, action-adventure platform. I knew next to nothing about this game, other than the fact that you get robot companions! We follow the main character Joule as she wakes on a desert planet, man’s soon-to-be new home, after years of cryo-sleep. But, of course, nothing has gone to plan and she wakes to find herself alone with her adorable dog-like robot companion, whilst the other robots have all gone crazy. I had a lot of fun playing this game, but holy crap it was waaaaay too short. My save file was at 6.5 hours and I was done! So glad I bought this on sale, it would have felt like a waste of money if I’d paid full price.

The Legend of Zelda

My brain is always in the world of Hyrule, but specifically, I’ve been playing Ocarina of Time on my 3DS. I grew up playing this game on the Nintendo 64, loved it, haven’t played it in at least 13 years! It’s been a lot of fun diving back into this game and I am thoroughly enjoying the heightened graphics, and simplified water dungeon. And yes, somehow my cat always ends up on my lap when I play.

So those are some of the things I’ve been enjoying this month (when I haven’t been reading of course!). What has everyone else been enjoying? Let me know!






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