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My Reading Routine

Hey guys, so I’ve seen a few videos on youtube where readers discuss their reading routines and habits, and I thought that was a super cool idea and it got me thinking about my own routine/habits. I thought I’d spend some time having a chat about when/where I read etc, and I would love to hear what you guys think, and what your habits are like. So we’ll just dive right in.

Choosing what book to read:

I don’t set myself monthly TBR goals … like, at all. It doesn’t work for me and I find myself rushing. I like to read books at my own pace, which is generally quite fast anyway. What I read highly depends on my mood at the time. I’ll be reading a book, have a rough idea of what I want to read next, finish said book, and then completely change my mind and reach for something else.

When I Read:

I primarily read during the day once I’ve finished studying and/or doing chores. Most of my reading ends up being early afternoon for a few hours. I tend to do most of my reading when I’m home alone and there are fewer distractions.

When I Can’t Read:

Before bed. I can’t sleep because I always do the classic “just one more chapter … just one more …” and then can’t switch my brain off after.

Places I read:

I read everywhere. It’s rare that I leave the house without my book and I find it easy to squeeze in a few pages here and there, especially during my uni breaks when I should be studying want to refresh before the next class. Ideally I like to read at home, either in my bed, or in my big squishy red chair. It really depends on what mood my pet parrot is in (who lives in the room with the chair). He’s super cute and chatty, but sometimes very loud and distracting when I read. That’s when the bed wins. Plus you know … beds are comfy. I almost always end up with my cat on me, regardless of where I’m reading, or how I’m sitting. She sees me grab a book and usually follows me right away to my spot, even if it’s most inconvenient.

Places I cannot read:

I struggle to read in locations where I can hear people having a conversation (god forbid if they’re trying to have a conversation with me) as I find it distracting. Weirdly though I find it easy to read in loud, public spaces. I suppose because I can’t hear any individual conversations and it sorta turns into white noise. I also cannot read on most modes of transportation because I get ridiculous vertigo that makes me feel like my head is about to implode. I can read on planes though as long as there is no turbulence!

Reading warm-up

Okay so I hope I’m not weird in this. If I’m preparing to sit down and read for a few hours, there are a couple of things I do first. A lot of this is preparing for the fact that my cat usually sits on me which means I’m not allowed to move for a few hours.

  • I carefully choose my location based on the variables noted above.
  • I prepare a beverage: usually coffee/mocha or some kind of green tea (I’m currently obsessed with Japanese Sencha).
  • Okay this one is weird. Not only do I grab the book I want to actually read, I will also grab the other books I’m planning on reading next, or have just bought, even if I know I won’t be needing them just yet … but just in case? I don’t even know, I just like having a stack next to me. They’re pretty!
  • I put on pajama pants because they’re comfy and I’m classy.
  • I make sure I have pillows and cushions and blankets galore! This is especially useful when my cat comes to visit because she has sharp claws and enjoys kneading my legs.
  • Time to read!!!!

So those are some of my reading habits! Do you share any of these? I would love to hear all about your habits!





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