On Writing

Goal Met!

As of the 28th October, I have finished my substantive edit! Yay! So over the next few days I will be preparing it for my beta readers, who are all very excited.

While they are working their way through my manuscript, I will be re-reading it myself from the perspective of a reader. I find it very useful to read it cover to cover without halting to make any changes, though I do write a list of things I notice. I find it really refreshing and motivating. It’s a good reminder that there is a book beneath all those pages of editing. Last time I had it printed, but this time I’m going to convert the file and put it on my kindle for a new perspective.

So, things are starting to get a little real. Very soon (hopefully by the time you read this), people are going to be reading my book! Hopefully they enjoy it, but are also able to give me constructive feedback!

Happy writing!

Edit: As of five minutes ago (30th Nov), my manuscript has been sent to my beta readers yay! I am very excited, but also very terrified.

2nd Edit: one of my readers has finished it already! 402 pages in less than 24 hours …




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