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Strange Research

research-390297_640Conducting the appropriate research for a book sounds pretty straight forward. If your story is set in WW2, you research WW2. If your story is set in the middle ages, you research what life was like way back in the day. If your story is set in the future … this is where things get a little more complicated.

My story is set in the future. It is set after several significant events that completely alter society and culture as we know it. This had made my research … interesting. I have had to combine facts and cultural influences with my own creativity, creating a world that seems realistic in its own way. It has not been easy!

Some of the things I have had to research are a little strange. They also seem quite random out of context. So, I thought it would be fun to create a little list of some of the more random things I’ve researched for my book so far.


  • The meaning and origins behind several names.
  • The effects of radiation on the human body.
  • How realistic the Fallout (video game) wasteland is, and whether or not it would really be so barren after 200+ years.
  • The effect of radiation on water sources, specifically, how long until it returns to normal.
  • The current and estimated future state of the flora and fauna around Chernobyl, also whether the plants/animal in that area are edible and/or glowing.
  • Where chalk comes from.
  • What crops are grown in Northern Europe.
  • How to use a gun (in real life, not just video games … though I do enjoy lasers).
  • The area of the brain in charge of decision making and thought processes.
  • The basics of DNA replication and cloning.
  • How to make soap.
  • How long it takes for bones to heal.
  • The different degrees of burns and what they look like.
  • How to froth milk without a coffee machine (you shake it and stick it in the microwave!).

…. oh the random things you learn! And yes, they were ALL relevant questions I needed to answer… even the soap.

Happy writing!


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