On Writing

Write Every Day

My desire to write is currently insatiable, it’s all I want to do. I just want to curl up on my couch, or sit at my desk, and work my way through my first draft. But I have to live in the real world. I have university commitments.

My workload this semester is intense. I have so many readings, assignments and work to do, that by the time I have a moment to write, my brain is already overworked and tired. But writing is like a muscle. It needs to be used, or it will start to become weaker. Shortly, willpower and self-discipline will follow.

So, I’ve decided to set myself a new challenge. I am going to write something every day. I will pick a topic and do something creative with it, and hopefully it will be good enough to share on my blog. In my uni course about short stories, we looked at micro-fiction. So I may even give that a go at some point.

I think this exercise is going to be really important, especially as how the re-writing/editing process doesn’t really have much actual writing in it; mostly just fixing sentences here and there, or finding better ways to express what I’m trying to get across. So there is certainly writing, but also a lot of tedium.

So, hopefully I can stick with it 😉

Happy writing!


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