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Eaten by a Monster

So I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, so I thought I’d just check in and offer an explanation as to my whereabouts with the help of some Lord of the Rings memes.

The truth is, I have been missing in action due to a terrifying creature. This monster is no secret, and most of us have encountered him at one point or another in our lives, I’m sure you know the one. He looms over you all semester, quietly waiting as his time comes. He steps from the shadows as his day grows close, and drags you down into his terrifying world. The dreaded end-of-semester-exam-monster has eaten you.20478_234748331697_500621697_3060335_6316840_n

You find yourself swallowed down into his world, the world of revision. Here, you are on edge as your doom edges ever closer. You become cranky, anxious, and scared of your impending judgement day. You try to prepare for these days, your nose hidden in books, your brow scrunched up in concentration as you furiously write your notes. Sometimes there is a noticeable change in diet. The occasional splurge on junk food becomes a new life line. Chocolate, ice cream and other comfort foods become paramount to maintain your sanity. Water becomes the secondary drink required for proper functioning, replaced by tremendous amounts of coffee.

But that’s not all that the dreaded monster causes. With it comes a strange affliction that is called ‘the procrastination bug’. Once dull and boring tasks suddenly become of the utmost importance to you.  Those boxes that have needed sorting for the past few months suddenly cannot wait another minute and must be sorted now! You sit down at your desk to work, when the sudden urge to bake three cakes leaves you scrambling for your apron. You take a break from your important baking and decide to read a book, just one chapter before you go back to studying. Okay, maybe one more… Just anotherone more page … only ten more minutes you swear! And suddenly, you have finished reading an entire book, whilst managing to only read one sentence of your exam readings.

c213b875a16d574ed8a2ddd60aff9154fa3eb55be4cff5455edc98450e88bad6And then the exam comes. In the morning you may feel nervous, scared, jittery or just really really caffeinated. You get to your exam half an hour early and stand outside in the cold, waiting for them to let you in. You make awkward eye contact with your fellow students as you mentally rehearse facts in your head.
Then they finally let you in. You rush to your assigned seat and glare evilly at the sheet of paper on your desk, silently commanding it to reveal its secrets to you. The exam starts. Hopefully you feel like you do well and are don’t encounter too many difficult questions, or worse, subjects you do not recognise. The exam finishes, you hand it up and revel in your freedom! Until you realise … you have two more exams to go.

So, here I am struggling with my dreaded end-of-semester-exam-monster. Actually, I have three of them! Two more horrible weeks, then I will be free. So I apologise for not having had posted anything recently but the dreaded exam monster has well and truly sucked me down into his world of revision. At least there’s lots of coffee, cake and wine here. I feel obligated to share a pearl of wisdom when it comes to exam study, specifically on how to remain sane. Give yourself time off. Seriously. If you’re prepared and haven’t left your study until the last minute, you deserve to give yourself a break and time to relax! I discuss this more in my post Unwind, Make it so.



So the dreaded exam monster still has me in its claws. I have my first exam on monday and really need to get off of my break and return to studying. And before you ask: Yes. This is me procrastinating. I am meant to be studying the Annelida, Nematoda and Platyhelminth Phylums… But blogging is much more fun.

I will go back to studying … soon …

Happy studying ….?


2 thoughts on “Eaten by a Monster

  1. Love this SK. I know this monster very well especially the procrastination bit. Anyway keep plugging on and it will be behind you soon. You can do it!


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