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Here’s a reminder to take time for yourself, go for a walk, and look for inspiration in the simple things

Yay! I’ve been featured!

I would love to hear how everyone else gets their inspiration 🙂

Happy writing!

What Inspires Your Writing?

Writing is an escape for first-time novelist Sarah Gould. Despite the pain of Crohn’s disease, this young writer is forging ahead with the trilogy she’s knee-deep in, and the first installment is almost done. Sarah has been writing as long as she can remember, and for good reason. When she’s writing, she says, “I don’t feel limited, I don’t feel afraid. It is one of the only times that I feel in control.”

I think a lot of us can identify with that, Sarah!

An enormous, involved project like penning a trilogy is enough to intimidate anyone. But when even simple tasks leave her feeling exhausted, Sarah says she’s proud that she’s been able to stick with this for as long as she has.

And she’s learned a lot about herself over the many months she’s been working on her book. Here, Sarah shares with us her insights about relaxation…

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2 thoughts on “Here’s a reminder to take time for yourself, go for a walk, and look for inspiration in the simple things

  1. Hi Sarah!! Followed a trail from my page to Timothy Pike to your page =) Congrats on being featured and I really enjoyed your post on how you find inspiration! And I can definitely relate to finding inspiration and much joy in the simple things as well, like an outdoor walk, stopping to smell the flowers or the watch the leaves fall from various beautiful trees and even quietly talking to the small animals that come out to say hello as I walk by. Many take for granted their surroundings and the amazing skies we have overhead filled with various colors, clouds in all sizes and shapes and the light show we get for FREE every night as the stars come out. We do live in a magical world that can inspire us if we take the time to see! I have a coffee addiction I can’t help! Having some now as I write this! So glad you and T. Pike joined up for that post because now I can follow you both and not miss out anymore! Look forward to more from you, and much happiness, success and luck in health to you.

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  2. Great article! The smallest things in life end up meaning the most to us. We have to appreciate every moment because we only get them once and all we’re left with is memories.

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