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Caffeinated Goats


Coffee is wonderful, need I say more?

Yes I must, or else there would be no blog post.

Do you know how coffee was first discovered/developed? According to legend, the joys of the coffee bean was discovered through goats. Yep, you read that right. Highly caffeinated goats. Goat herders in Ethiopia observed that their goats were eating the fruit (coffee beans) from certain trees. Goats who ate these beans became …. how shall we put this … spirited. After eating the coffee beans, the goats became energetic and refused to sleep. Naturally, the beans were used to create a drink and eureka! Coffee was made!

I'd be a happy goat too if I could drink coffee all day ...
I’d be a happy goat too if I could drink coffee all day …

I must admit, I am so grateful to those goats. I adore my coffee and unfortunately I have become a bit of a coffee snob. I am unbelievably picky about what coffee I like and how it is made. I am a sucker for Nespresso’s coffee, purely because their strong coffee is just that, STRONG! I like my coffee strong and with milk (lactose free or soy for my tummy). I do also love a strong mocha as long as the coffee overpowers the chocolate. I will also never say no to a shot of flavour syrup, again as long as it doesn’t over power the coffee.

There is something about coffee that just makes me want to write. Maybe it’s the caffeine, or maybe it’s the routine of sitting down with my steaming cup of strong coffee, ready to be productive. I feel so satisfied and slightly buzzed after my cup that I’m just itching to do something. I usually direct this energy at writing or studying. I save my coffees for the time of day when I sit down to study for my degree or to write. I also love nothing more than getting a coffee with my boyfriend just because we can. We are way past the “dating stage” but still enjoy going out purely to have coffee and cake at the cafe.

menu_item_16629Coffee dates are the best, but they can be very problematic for me. I have Crohn’s disease and as a result I am lactose intolerant and have a highly sensitive gut. I must limit myself to one coffee a day. I must also never use lactose milk or it will make me incredibly ill. At home this is no problem, lactose free milk is easy to buy, but out and about my lactose intolerance can be problematic. Here in Adelaide, South Australia, most coffee shops have the option of soy milk or lactose free, but it is still ridiculous the amount of times I will order one and still get lactose milk. It ruins my day. I am now always sure to ask when my coffee is brought to me. About 50% of the time I find myself sending coffee back because the staff member informs me that it does not have soy or lactose free milk in it and they were unaware that it was meant to. It is incredibly frustrating, especially seeing as how most places will charge me an extra $1 for these products.

Anyway, back to praising coffee. Maybe it’s the bitter aftertaste, the smooth foam on top, or the fact that I could have a latte, cappacino, espresso, mochaccino, flat white, Vienna, iced, affogato … I could go on for ages! There’s something about it that just makes me sigh with satisfaction.

I leave you now to ponder about the amazing drink that is coffee. I am positively craving a mug now.

Don’t forget to thank the caffeinated goats.


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